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If you want to become a professional speaker…  


If you want your webinars and online live streams to rock…


If you want to make more compelling and effective stage presentations…  

Attend Randy Gage's

Speaker School

WHATTwo-day interactive workshop on how you become a powerful platform presenter


WHEN: October 26-27, 2019


WHERE: Miami, FL


Only $777 (In advance)
$977 (At door, space available basis)

Arguably nothing boosts your personal brand and attracts business better than being able to deliver powerful stage presentations.  Whether you’re a consultant, coach, direct seller leading your team, corporate exec reporting to a Board, or you’re actually a professional speaker – one of the most lucrative and rewarding skills you can develop is how to be amazing on the platform.  


And arguably no one on the planet is a better coach to unleash your speaking gifts than Hall of Fame speaker Randy Gage.  Randy has spoken to more than 2 million people, across more than 50 countries, and is one of the highest paid, most-sought-after speakers in the profession today.


Two times a year, Randy conducts his unique and extremely innovative Speaker School.  Over two days, Randy will teach for a segment, then volunteers will come onstage and practice the technique and receive a critique.  (You’re not required to do a stage session, but doing so will provide an extremely enhanced learning experience for you. So best to come prepared to play all out.)  

There will be intensive deep dives into areas such as crafting a killer keynote, designing curriculum for a seminar or workshop, and how you fiercely connect with and communicate with audiences on a world-class level.  

The five best types of openings for any stage presentation.

You’ll leave after the event with a marked improvement in your platform skills, and the way connect with and impacts your audiences.  You’ll be better at helping them to make meaningful, lasting change. If you believe you’re ready for this kind of training, lock in your spot before they’re gone.


This program is very intense and fast paced.  Because of the highly interactive nature of the event, participation has to be limited.  Sorry to do this, but it’s the only way an event like this works. So if you’re interested in attending or bringing your team, be sure and grab your tickets now.  

- Lornette Browne


P.S.  We have a number of people already registered, so if you are thinking of coming, please hurry so you don’t miss out.